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The mother-Baby Unit is a treatment unit for mothers

with mental health problems in the period around or after giving birth.

In addition to the treatment for yourself, is to support the

relationship with your baby the main objective.

A treatment on mother-Baby Unit is therefore also becoming

along with the baby.

At the start of the treatment is the baby maximum twelve

months old.

There are several options or modules of treatment.

-Ambulatory: presence of three hours/day on one or

several days/week.

-Day treatment of six hours/day: at the start of the

treatment minimum three days/week. You and your baby

can be as familiar with the other mothers and

employees in the care unit (when not in advance

gone to a recording).

Recording: you will stay together with your baby on the care unit.

Smooth switching between these modules allows the

optimal treatment services to match your needs, your

expectations and your family.

A treatment on the mother-Baby Unit is short-term. Per

module is the maximum treatment duration about three months.

If desirable and in appointment with the psychiatrist is a longer

process per module possible.



Mother-Baby Unit is thirty years

12/11/2015 to 23:06 by Jan Vorsselmans


Mother-Baby Unit is thirty years

Photo: Mia Uydens



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Zoersel-The Mother-Baby Unit in the Psychiatric Center Bethany in Sint-Antonius-Zoersel is thirty years.

It is a specialized treatment unit for Mamas who with psychological problems before and after childbirth.


Listed unit has fully proven its worth over the years.



Your newspaper visited, learned more about the operation of this unique service and spoke both with staff members and with clients.

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