Erwin Bauwens

Hallo,to you and this pressent of me to you.

I'm brought up, by my mama my bompas was the one command in WW02
and his stories, the other was a someone who has been buried in the Congo/Africa. Now I have it as my Bompa said ' to in the heaven '. You wonder the seventh? Am not yet complete on off on. If that ever comes I put it out!

I hope you with all account with everything, what kind of feeling you get from this music.
And so with no underestimation to get other feelings you get stimulated in this society ' and I mean overall world. "
Then you get a better insight on the way from getting incentives on some conditions that then again another mixed vision gets on so build your your own values out. more I ask not. This is to experiment with your own.

First because my music is free,i eysk you to like my facbook page.Its not mutch that i eysk.I hope you do.

Just click  "like my fb page."

Malle-Zoersel Erwin Bauwens (42) ran on brain damage in an accident. However, he received another degree at the Music Academy. He now raises money for Mother & Baby in psychiatric Center Bethany.
Erwin hit in 1998 severely injured in Antwerp with the detonation of a Semtex-plastic. He could save someone else's life, but ran itself brain damage on. He currently resides in St. Anthony of Padua, where he sheltered lives.

Despite his problems, he received a diploma part-time artistic education music lower grade at the municipal Academy for music and word in Wijnegem. "I got 78% for my piano playing and singing together. My piano was quite good but the singing is more difficult for me, because my lungs have been burned in the blast. That is why I am with the Music Academy have to stop. " Erwin still makes music at home. He has specialized in the genre Latin electro.

To support the charity, raised Erwin in the past two years through his music money for Mother & Baby Bethany in mental hospital in Saint Anthony. "On that mother and child unit are mothers with mental health problems after childbirth accompanied. I find it a very useful purpose and it also saves Maggie De Block on resources. When I using my musical talent can make a contribution for a new duobuggy or a nice Christmas for that Department, I would very much like to do that. The first year I could donate 100 euro, 200 euro last year but,but I would like to donate 400 euro this year. "

Davy Keysers, who lives near Erwin, learned his music and was impressed. "I want to make better known its initiative via social media. For 1 euro you can buy a song on iTunes by Erwin. "Erwin Bauwens. "With my disability allowance should I no longer work, but my supervisors that I can put my energy and enthusiasm in my hobby. Later this year we want to bring out another book with Bethany, where a cd with my music will be, even for a good cause. "

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